Our Truss
Design Quintessence have been our No.1 for 4 years now. 

Here's the DQ products we own; 
* F102 Folding, F54 & F44 truss, 
* F34, F33 Tri & F32 truss 
* Truss circles, truss cubes,  
* Lifters, ground supports
* Hinges, PA towers

F34 Box Truss


F54 Box Truss

F102 Folding Truss

F32 Flat Truss (1m-3m)


F33 Tri-Truss

F33-34 Variable Hinged Junction

F34 0-25° Variable Hinge

F34 1m Diagonal Brace

F34 1m Dropper Bar

F34 2 Way 45° Truss Corner

F34 2m Meter Radial

F34 3 Way ‘T’-Junction

F34 310mm Aluminium Base Plate

F34 3m Meter Radial

F34 4m Meter Radial

F34 6m Meter Radial

F34 8m Meter Radial

F34 Boom Arms (1m & 750mm)

F34 Lycra socks

F34 Special 9 Way Junction

F34 Square 6 Way Cube

F34 Truss Ring

F34-44 Base Plate

F34P 108' Hoecker Junction

F34P 144° Hoecker Junction

F34P 162' Hoecker Junction

F34P 60 degree Hoecker Junction

F54 6 Way Cube

Global Mobile Monitor Stand

Mobile Array Solutions

Tri Truss Pa Towers

Truss Lecterns

VMB 64 Lifter (150kgs)

VMB 76 Lifter (220kgs)

VMB 86 Lifter (320kgs)