Our Ground Supports
Dreamedia has the largest range of ground supports in the NT. 
* 19m x 16m with canvas roof 
* 8m x 8m with canvas roof  
* 6m x 4m canvas roof 
* 18m x 6m shadecloth roof 
* 18m x 3m shadecloth roof 
* 6m x 3m marquee 
* 3m x 3m marquee 

6 way cubes

base plates

chain blocks

chain motors

Concrete Block Ballast

F34 1meter Heavy Duty Hinge

F34 Adjustable Screw Jacks

F34 Outrigger & Diagonal Brace

F34 Sleeve Block

F34 Steel Outrigger Base

F34 Top Section for Chain Motor

F34 Truss

F34-Tower Assist Frame

Ladder truss

PA Wings for Support

rated safety wire

rated slings